Failte Irish Pub

Website Design & Development • Print & Graphic Design


As one the GTA’s original and most loved Irish pubs, Failte’s came to Ally Creative for help with their food and beverage menus as well their website.

We jumped at the chance to have a pint and design and develop assets that better reflected their experience!


Working with their existing branding, we looked to infuse more of the fun and personality of the Irish people, food and music. Over a number of years we developed two unique food menus and various drink promotions. The new menus presented the expected food options as well as a side of entertainment and discussion over a meal, with Irish tidbits, facts and tales interwoven throughout. The popularity and response to this approach actually resulted in menus leaving with guests as “souvenirs” and waiters needing to be on their toes to ensure this didn’t happen!

Online, their new WordPress based responsive website now creates a great first impression and better captures the bar’s experience and history to many first-time customers. It features easy-to-update live music gigs and menu sections using custom posts.