Tegs Tools

Branding & Strategy • Website Design & Development • Print & Graphic Design


As a multi-generational family business, Tegs Tools is the go to place for trades and construction professionals who need the absolute best in tools, real advice, and knowledge that’s not available in traditional “big box” retailers.

Our challenge was to develop a new brand identity and e-commerce store experience that matched their expertise and carefully tested and selected tool brands.


After extensive competitor/industry research and stakeholder interviews,  we developed a new brand identity and further applications across various advertising mediums as well as their website.

The new brand logo is immediately recognizable – masculine and forged with the strength and reliability they are known for. A refined colour palette and new brand design elements play a supporting role in positioning them with consistency. The newly developed “You’ll find it here” tagline reflects the strong supply to niche and hard to find products that Tegs’ carry.

Ally Creative also developed extensive responsive website designs that would inform and inspire a refined e-commerce experience and business.